3D Live Snooker 2.7

Play a great billiards game in three dimensions

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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    7.3 (342)

3D Live Snooker is a free software application that downloads very quickly and is ready to play immediately. This cue game play may be against the computer or go live to play against other people. Tournament play is available in the Network Play option. Handy help screen explains how to aim, zoom and shoot. View it in the game lobby or easily engage help by selecting F1. Movement is remarkably free and versatile.

Sound, Speed and Color

This cue game software is better than most out there. With sound and movement synchronized, the experience of play is very gratifying. It serves to get started with the Quick Play option to get accustomed to how to move your stick and how it responds to your commands and movements. It can seem a little tricky at first, but as with any good cue game, if you gain the skill of maneuvering the pool cue, you find this is a game as good as the real thing. The vibrant colors and visual action are better than other cue game software applications.

Great Opportunity

Snooker is a staple in Great Britain. The nature of competition among troops in the late 1800s was responsible for the manner and rules applying to snooker. There is a manual associated with the software that will appear in your browser when selected. 3D Live Snooker is possibly the best opportunity to learn this interesting game as well as perfect your stick action once you get the movements down.

The Final Analysis

While there are a variety of virtual cue games out there, there are a select view that capture the action as well as 3D Live Snooker. Players who apply themselves to learning the angles of the table and work to perfect their advanced skills will find they can apply them in the real world even if they have had limited actual experience. The degree of success is a very satisfying experience.


  • Graphics are large, clear and bright
  • Room size is generous giving the feeling of being there whereas some games are restricted to the table top alone
  • Movement of the cue closely compares to actual movement where you are pushing the mouse in lieu of selecting keyboard functions or clicking to effect the same result
  • Ball movement and speed is realistic
  • View of the room can be manipulated to better see potential shots and table top
  • Ability to put English, or spin, on the cue ball
  • Scoring options follow actual rules and options for play
  • Game play is very satisfying and easily leads to continued play, useful for practicing and perfecting skills


  • Cursor is restricted to the software window making game play exclusive, however, ESC key will take you back to the lobby from where you can resume play
  • Mastering cue movement can seem challenging at first due to the degree of versatility written into the software. With work, perfecting the skill will make tournament play a welcome proposition.

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